Official Rules of the CountryHumans OC's Wiki

The rules which will be acknowledged on this wiki at all costs. Not following them may result in warnings, punishments, bans, and restriction.
Anything that does not follow FANDOM's Terms of Service will be punishable.


Sections to which the rules are split into:

  • Basic Rules: basic rules which must be followed on this wiki. Warnings and/or punishments will be given if not stuck to.
  • Content Rules: rules that are based more on the articles of the wiki and mature content.
  • Imagery: managing images on your articles and understanding copyright.
  • Category Rules: rules about the categories you add to your articles. This also includes basic categories.

Basic Rules

Basic rules to follow, such as attitude towards other's on the wiki.


Any form of harassment (eg, racism, homophobia, or religious discrimination) directed at an ethnic or social group is most definitely not tolerated. If you continue to do it after being told not to, you will be warned and/or blocked for however long the admins think fits.
  • This includes anything insulting or personal to the person.


No spamming or trolling other people, no matter if it's in an article, an article's comments, someone's message wall or simply just a blog post.
  • Trolling will result in a simple warning at first. If you continue, a temporary [or permanent] block will be issued.
Do not mini-mod. It is okay to undo vandalism and help out the admins, that is praised, but giving users warnings or threating blocks is not your job and you will be warned. Mini-modding is considered trolling.


Vandalism will get undone and you will be blocked for it. Adding something like a friend to an OC page is completely alright as long as the original creator is fine with it but if you clear pages or add false information we will count it as vandalism and you will be blocked.


Do not share people's personal information. It is up to the person whether they would like to reveal their information or not. However, we definitely do not commend to sharing your address, full name, age (if under the age of 13) or phone number online.


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