Welcome to Countryhuman OC's Wiki!

Hello! Welcome to the Countryhumans OC's Wiki.

Here, we make pages regarding our characters and write briefly to very detailed paragraphs about them. If you have decided that you'd like to add your own Original Character here, then great! Even if it's simply fixing a typo error on someone's article, your contribution matters!

Due to this Wiki still being only a Work In Progress, we greatly appreciate new editors. Some articles do have notices not to edit them without permission, though, so please make sure to always abide by that request!

However, please read the Rules in full detail and follow them to keep this Wiki happy and safe. The admins (Firespring and Seyrii) love reading your interesting articles and making sure everyone's happy here!

We do actually have a Discord Server, so if you have an account on there, feel free to join it! (Just make sure to follow the rules and don't forget to have your roles sorted :D)


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